Meow Wolf FAQs

General FAQs

What is Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf is an arts and entertainment group which began in and is still based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We established in 2008 as an art collective. We create immersive, multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of storytelling. Our work is a combination of jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum and immersive art exhibit. Find out more about Meow Wolf »

Where did the name Meow Wolf come from?

At the very first meeting of the collective in 2008, everyone put two words into a hat. Then they picked two random words out of the hat and got “Meow Wolf.”

How many Meow Wolf’s are there?

Currently we have one physical location open in Santa Fe, NM. It’s our original location. This exhibit is specifically called the House of Eternal return. In 2019 we’re opening a dark ride, The Kaleidoscape, in Denver. We have 3 whole new Meow Wolf exhibition spaces opening: Las Vegas in 2019, Denver in 2020 and Washington DC in 2022.

Is Meow Wolf a nonprofit?

Meow Wolf is not a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Meow Wolf is a Public Benefit Corporation with a dual bottom line for social impact and profit. Chimera, the branch of Meow Wolf that runs the Learning Center, is a non-profit and can receive tax-deductible donations.

How does Meow Wolf get funding?

Meow Wolf has received economic development funds from the City of Santa Fe and the State of New Mexico as well as funding from private investors. Meow Wolf is also funded by its ticket sales, merchandise sales and other revenue streams.

Is Meow Wolf hiring?

Possibly! We occasionally hire. Click here to view open jobs at Meow Wolf.

Community FAQs

How does Meow Wolf support the Community?

Meow Wolf strives to be a visionary public benefit corporation by supporting systemic social change and well-being through the arts. We wouldn’t be here without tremendous support from our community, and value giving back through volunteerism, philanthropy and our annual DIY Fund. We are actively supporting the efforts of many organizations and non-profits primarily in the communities we serve — Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, Phoenix and Washington DC — that provide creative and inclusive opportunities for all. Read more about our philosophy here.

How does Meow Wolf work with artists?

Historically, Meow Wolf has always been an endeavor of deep radical collaboration. We are proud to emphasize local artist collaboration in all of our new projects, and supporting artists is one of the major reasons our company is expanding. We’re especially interested in prioritizing artists and narratives from underrepresented and underserved communities, this includes emerging artists, DIY makers, women, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, seniors, and people with disabilities. It’s this diversity in perspective and craft that make our exhibitions stronger, more intriguing, and timeless. Learn more and submit your portfolio on our Artist Engagement page.

What is the Get Involved Form?

Our Get Involved form is open to any artist or creative who is interested in working with or collaborating with Meow Wolf. We encourage all artists who are interested to submit their portfolio through the form and tell us more about who they are and why they’d like to collaborate. It is not a job application, but is one of the databases we look when seeking out outside artists for our projects. Unfortunately, we receive thousands of requests from artists who would like to work with us and we cannot respond to everyone. Check out the Artist Engagement page for further details.

How do I apply for funding or support?

An application is required to receive support, funding or auction items to help your organization. Please keep in mind that we receive thousands of requests in this competitive process and cannot fulfill every request. We have two general areas of support – established non-profit organizations and the DIY community. For more information about our Community Priority areas and to apply for funding visit our Philanthropy page.

What is the Meow Wolf DIY Fund?

Our DIY Fund is an annual fund created to support the DIY Community and non-confirming art spaces nationwide. It also requires an application, and is open to non-profit organizations, businesses and other entities who have an established community creating art and music together. Funding can be used for rent, infrastructure, programming and safety improvements. Visit our DIY Fund webpage for more information.

If we apply for funding, how soon will we hear back?

We hope to respond to as many applicants as possible within our capacity. With the volume of requests we receive, unfortunately we cannot respond to every one. Generally, our review process takes 6 – 12 weeks and this should be an indicator of whether your application has been reviewed.

When are your funding cycles?

Our giving cycles occur annually with disbursements and engagements happening throughout the year. The average donation size is $2,500 so we can support the work of as many local organizations and groups across our locations as possible. However, we receive thousands of requests annually and cannot support everything. If we could not satisfy your request this year, please feel free to re-apply.

Does Meow Wolf accept the help of Volunteers?

As a certified B Corporation we currently do not accept volunteers to work with us on our exhibitions or projects. We pride ourselves in paying artists a living wage.

What about Internships?

We are currently working on a formal internship process for the entire Meow Wolf company. We will prioritize students who have strong ties to one of our locations – stay tuned for more information.

What DON’T we typically Fund?

  • One time or private events
    To help us focus on long-term change and impact, we prefer to support established recurring community events that are free for all ages.
  • Individuals
    While supporting artists is core to who we are, for accountability reasons we find it difficult to support individuals directly with donations. However, we are actively seeking out partners and projects that pay artists for public art pieces.
  • Projects
    Due to the nature and timelines of projects, we typically do not fund individual projects or completely new ideas.
  • Businesses
    We do not contribute directly to for profit businesses (our only current exception is our DIY Fund). We do however collaborate with like minded businesses to support work in our priority areas.
  • Emergency Requests
    Our review process takes 6-12 weeks with several rounds of review from staff, this makes it challenging to support quick turn around requests.
  • Religious Events or Activities
    Supporting faith based organizations or events is outside of our current philanthropy strategy.
  • Organizations based outside our Communities
    At this time, we focus our resources on local organizations and programs that are based in the communities we serve – Santa Fe, Las Vegas, Denver, Washington, DC and Phoenix.

Where can I find the FAQ for Meow Wolf Santa Fe?

Santa Fe FAQ